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Advantages & Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants

The All-on-4 is a special dental procedure revolutionizing how dentists help people who are ready for dentures but who, nevertheless, want something better. Using custom-made, embedded-into-the-jawbone synthetic teeth, this procedure is giving people a reason to smile confidently again — not to mention chewing food better. 

This procedure can help people who have been victims of major trauma, tooth-health-compromising disease or life-long dental neglect by offering them a much more comfortable, convenient and practical alternative to bridges, root canals, crowns and dentures. The important thing to remember is that this procedure comes with many wonderful advantages and benefits you should be aware of.

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What Are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the invention of an orthopedic surgeon from Sweden in 1952. More and more, the procedure is being considered the utmost that can be done for people ready for dentures. A dental implant is embedded in the jawbone and serves as the anchoring tool for a complete set of synthetic teeth for either the top or lower part of the mouth. These embedded implants are the next best thing to growing brand-new, natural teeth — which, unfortunately, most people can’t do.

The majority of dental implants are made from titanium; this material makes it possible for tissue to grow around it without triggering an adverse reaction. Although the procedure is already well streamlined, it is being improved more and more as time goes by. According to some studies, in fact, this dental procedure has a success rate of about 98 percent.

Who Is Best Suited for this Procedure?

All-on-4 may be the best option for many people who need all of their teeth replaced in the lower or upper jaw (or both). It is also ideally suited for people with loose or ill-fitting dentures or bridges or with substantially damaged crowns and veneers. While other solutions promise temporary benefits, All-on-4 is good for years to come, with proper management and care.

The 20 Advantages/Benefits of All-on-4

  1.  You can choose to do only one level of teeth or both within a relatively short span of time.
  1. All-on-4 teeth are custom-made to the exact specifications, unique contours and one-of-a-kind shape of your mouth.
  2. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to keep removing the teeth every day — in other words, this a more permanent solution.
  3. You get to keep your teeth clean the same way natural teeth are kept clean — with regular brushing and flossing.
  4. There is usually no need to perform a bone graft in order to strongly anchor your teeth to your jaw. 
  5. Only 4 metal implants are required to support the whole bottom or upper plate — in contrast to the 6 or 8 required in other procedures.
  6. Just like a simple extraction, dental implants can be done in just one day.
  7. Compared to all available alternatives, All-on-4 is very cost-effective and can save you money.
  8. Getting your teeth replaced with All-on-4 will allow you to present a good role model and positive image to your children by showing them what teeth are supposed to look like if you take good care of them over a lifetime.
  9. This helps reduce the stress and embarrassment that accompanies walking around with bad-looking, unhealthy teeth.
  10. It can help prevent the many potential complications that accompany damaged or diseased teeth — including infections, gum disease, etc.
  11. It greatly enhances the dining/eating experience … food tastes better.
  12. It can help improve speaking ability or, at the very least, help get rid of dental-health-related speech impediments and difficulties.
  13. It can give you the motivation to smile more openly and more often, thus enhancing your image, demeanor and aura to others who may mistakenly think that you don’t smile because you are grouchy, unfriendly or depressed.
  14. It can help enhance relationships and social interaction/standing.
  15. It can positively affect your career by enhancing your appearance as well as your ease in smiling at clients and colleagues.
  16. It will release the burdens of keeping a “dirty” secret for so long — the fact that your teeth were a shameful, ugly mess!
  17. This procedure, in most cases, doesn’t require taking extensive amounts of time from work responsibilities.
  18. This procedure may be covered by general health insurance if it is necessary because of trauma, serious impairment (such as in not being able to eat properly), cancer, etc.
  19. It will help you avoid having the dreaded “shrunken face look” when taking dentures off.

In the world of tooth replacement, there are generally 3 choices:

  1. a) removable partial or full dentures
  2. b) fixed/cemented dental bridges
  3. c) dental implants.

The circumstances that help decide which of these options is best include preferences, cost, patient’s health status, jawbone health, and the seriousness/condition of the missing, damaged or diseased teeth.

For many people, All-on-4 dental implants are simply the best option.

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