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Benefits of Dental Photography

You may have noticed at your last dental exam one of the staff members using a small intraoral camera in your mouth to take photos. These photos are very beneficial to helping us provide accurate dental care to our patients.

The photos we keep in your chart are a diagnostic tool for use in monitoring, and following progression of periodontal disease to monitoring changes in existing restorations in your teeth, and any questionable lesions, sores, or other tissue symptoms in the mouth.

Benefits of dental photography:

  • If you, the patient, can see it, then you can better understand your condition or diagnosis.
  • It helps the dentist make a better diagnosis, as the images we can produce with this camera are at 10x the size we can actually see inside the mouth.
  • It gives the staff a baseline/comparison
  • Insurance staff are able to submit these photos with your claims, so insurance companies typically won’t delay or question on making payment on treatment.

Last but not least, we can print these photos out for you to take home to share with family, so that they may better understand your diagnosis and treatment needs and help make better informed decisions on your best care…and best of all you incur no expense in having these photos taken, but you do gain the knowledge in understanding your needs, and can take comfort in knowing your dentist is using the latest in diagnostic tools to continue to provide you with the best care, which is what we strive for at Smiles by Burgess.

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