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Current Controversies in Restorative Dentistry

Learning - Educational Concept. Button on Modern Computer Keyboard. 3D Render..jpegOur very own Dr. Burgess recently attended some continuing education sessions about restorative dentistry. Dr. Terry Donovan, a UCLA trained Prosthodontist who is currently a professor and Dept. Head at UNC School of Dentistry Chapel Hill, North Carolina presented on Current Controversies in Restorative Dentistry.

The contemporary restorative dentist has an increasing evidence base to consult when making both treatment planning and therapeutic decisions. However, there are numerous areas of controversy where the evidence does not provide a clear answer without interpretation. The presentation discussed several controversial topics related to restorative dentistry and attempted to provide guidance based on the best available evidence for the following procedures:

  • Amalgam vs. Composite Resin
  • Tooth reinforcement with adhesive materials
  • Non-carious Cervical Lesions
  • Cements and Luting Agents
  • Bonding of Zirconia Restorations
  • Pulp Capping: MTA vs. Calcium Hydroxide
  • Metal vs. flexible endodontic dowels
  • Implants vs. Endodontics
  • Use of Contemporary Ceramic Materials
  • Cordless Gingival Displacement

Additional sessions that Dr. Burgess participated in included the use of dental ceramics in today’s dentistry and how to use the proper material for each procedure.

Dr. Greg Gillespie, a general dentist in Vancouver, WA, discussed Dental Ceramics and Esthetics. He focused on proper cementation procedures and material selection.

All sessions were helpful and are just part of Dr. Burgess’s process of always staying on top of the latest information about dentistry. He  does this to educate his staff and continue to provide the best service and outcomes possible to all of his patients.  Most of this information reinforced Dr. Burgess' current best practices and procedures.

We will always strive to stay current on the most modern techniques while measuring new technology to the current standards proven by over 28 years of successful practice and experience.

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