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New Medical Updates Important to your Dental Health

Texas Dental Hygienists are required to complete 12 continuing education hours per year. We strive each year to exceed the required  hours to educate ourselves, our team, and our patients. Smiles by Burgess’ Dental hygienists Kim and Tina began the year by attending The Star of the South Dental Meeting presented by The Greater Houston Dental Society. The hygienists attended a class focused on patient medical history updates and how they can effect a patients dental needs.

The mouth is an open portal to one’s body and it is  important to stay up to date on an any changes in a patients medical history each time you visit our office.

Have you added or taken away any medications from your daily regimen? Medications can affect your oral health.

Are you taking Bisphosphonates currently or in the past? They can effect your jaw bone.

Do you have a heart condition, shunt, conduits, stent or pacemaker?

Have you had a recent joint replacement? If so, your Cardiologist or Orthopedic Surgeon may require you to take antibiotics before all dental treatment.

Bringing in your updated list of medications and surgeries is extremely beneficial in allowing us to serve you with the best dental care.  

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