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Current Controversies in Restorative Dentistry

Our very own Dr. Burgess recently attended some continuing education sessions about restorative dentistry. Dr. Terry Donovan, a UCLA trained Prosthodontist who is currently a professor and Dept. Head at UNC School of Dentistry Chapel Hill, North Carolina presented on Current Controversies in Restorative Dentistry.

Understanding Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a source of a lot of questions and confusion. Many of the questions surrounding dental insurance stem from the fact that dental insurance often doesn’t work in the same way that our other insurance coverages work. Other insurance types are really the transfer of risk from an individual to a large group. If one of the insured has a large loss (a claim), that claim is paid from the premiums collected from the group. The structure works because claims can be unpredictable. There's no way of knowing who will have a large claim, so everyone pays into a pool.

Dedicated Staff with Years of Experience Sets Us Apart

Smiles by Burgess has a dedicated, professional staff with years of hands-on dental experience. Each of our employees has been with us for several years, with two celebrating their 10th anniversary with us in 2017! 

Tracey Hahn, RDA – Dental Assistant

One of the things we are so proud of at Smiles by Burgess is the loyalty of our staff. Our newest team members have been here nearly four years already! This means that our patients get to see the same smiling faces at the front desk and in the chair when they come and visit us for their dental or oral health needs.

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